Finding Shelter with the American Dream Recovery Foundation

In times of crisis, finding a safe place to call home can be the first step towards recovery. At the American Dream Recovery Foundation, we’re committed to providing shelter assistance to those in need, no matter their circumstances.

Someone reaching out to to hold the hands of another person
People handing out food to the homeless

A Safe Haven for All

We believe in the dignity and worth of every individual. Whether you’re facing homelessness, escaping an abusive situation and seeking refuge from domestic abuse and need a safe place to stay, we’re here to help. Our shelters are more than just a roof over your head – they’re a place of refuge, recovery, and hope.

Low Barrier, High Impact

We understand that the path to recovery can be filled with obstacles. That’s why we’re committed to providing a low barrier to entry housing. By removing as many hurdles as possible, we aim to make the journey towards a stable living environment easier and more accessible for everyone.

Your Journey Starts Here

Recovery is a journey, and every journey begins with a single step. If you’re in need of shelter, take that first step today. Reach out to us and let our dedicated team provide the support you need to navigate the road to recovery.